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Powder Coated Paint


Product Finishes

(colors revised: 10/21/2011)

Our aluminum mounts and brackets come standard with a "hand buffed aluminum" finish, that is hand polished with 0000 steel wool. Most products can also be powder coated for a reasonable additional cost, in any of our standard colors shown below.

For customers who desire a custom color or finish, the shop we use can powder coat almost any type of metal to essentially any color, including metalic flake and multi-coat finishes. They can even match automotive paint colors - just provide the year, make, model and color code for your vehicle.

We only charge extra above our standard powder coat prices if the paint costs more, and are happy to quote  you on a custom color or finish.

 "BUFFED" ALUMINUM - Our Standard Finish

Our "hand buffed aluminum" looks great and shows the nice "aluminum grain" - different parts have a different "grain" that results from the manufacturing of aluminum. We use a three-step process which takes a bit of time, and is all done by hand:

  1. After nicely deburing the drilled holes and cut edges, we begin by hand buffing with #2 steel wool and then vacuumming the part to remove dust.
  2. Each part is then buffed with #0000 steel wool to best show the part's "grain" - looks really nice! The part is then vacuumed again.
  3. Each part is finished with a hand wipe using 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Unfinished aluminum is very attractive but it will oxidize (not rust) when exposed to moisture and road salt. Oxidation is a white, almost powdery, material that can entirely or mostly be removed with steel wool.

Oxidation can entirely or mostly be removed by poplishing with #0000 steel wool - easy and quick to do. Just remove any steel wool debris by vacuuming, or wiping with 70% isopropyl alcohol (standard drug store item) and a dry clean paper towel. You can help prevent oxidation by periodically coating the part with a car or aluminum wax.



"POWDER COATED PAINT" - Extra Cost Finishes

Please note it is very difficult to accurately portray actual colors on a computer monitor screen, and as such the exact colors may look a bit different on the actual part. We have selected bright, "middle spectrum" red and blue colors. The white is a "true white". The black is a semi gloss or matt black. Below are sample colors. All powder coated products go through a three step process: (1) twice degreased, (2) media blasted, and (3) powder coated in desired finish. Powder coating offers a very durable, fade resistant finish. It is used for automotive, motorcycle, bike and many different outdoor metal objects.

We have changed our "standard" colors from five to three, and our black is not a slightly glossier black with slightly smoother finish. Read on for a description and samples of our new and old color lineup. The old ones are still available by special order. Our web pages have not all been updated, so if you order the color on the web page you will get one of our NEW colors, or there may be a delay with the "old" colors.



 ==> Our "NEW" Powder Coat Colors starting October 2011:

Please note we have changed our "standard" powder coated paint lineup, although all of our old colors are still available.

For all orders starting in October 2011, our standard powder coat colors will be:

  • Semi-Gloss Black - NEW, see comparison below
  • High Reflective White - same color as before
  • Clear Coat - same as before

PLEASE NOTE: We have not yet changed all of our WEB SITE powder coat finish ORDER BUTTONS to show these changes. For example, if you order MATTE BLACK we will use SEMI-GLOSS BLACK, unless you specify otherwise. If you order white and clear, there is NO CHANGE. If you order red or blue, the color is the same but there may be a three week or so delay in shipping. IF YOU SPECIFY IN ADVANCE, we can still provide you "matte black" but there can be a few week delay.

We have made these changes to keep our prices as low as possible and to provide the fastest turnaround time possible, WITHOUT sacrificing quality or durability.

These changes are necessary as our powder coat shop has had a substantial increase in costs from their suppliers. They have agreed to keep our prices the same or with only slight increases, if we use their standard production run colors. For example, they use "semi gloss black" usually on a weekly basis but our old "matte black" was not one of their standard production colors so we would have to incur a substantial "run charge" or have to wait possibly a few weeks to avoid this charge for a production run with this color. Our new "semi-gloss black" is a very nice color and we actually like it slightly better than our old "matte black"! Both colors have the same durability, it's just a matter of taste. If you still like "matte black" let us know and we can still provide it but probably at a 2-3 week delay or additional service fee if you would like it sooner.

Our NEW powder coat color examples:

Semi-Gloss Black (60% gloss) [NEW COLOR] - black is our most popular color by far and looks great on wrought iron railings and fences, and with essentially all vehicle colors.

PLEAS NOTE - IF YOU ORDER "MATTE BLACK" during or after Oct. 2011 we will provide "Semi-Gloss Black" even though our web page ordering buttons show "matte black"- if you still want Matte Black YOU MUST NOTIFY US BY EMAIL. We actually like "semi-gloss black" slightly more than "matte black", but it's all a matter of taste. You can see the differences below. We believe you will really like our new black, even thought the old one also looks nice.

The comparison photos below show the NEW COLOR (left side) and our OLD COLOR (right side) on "L" brackets so you can see the colors at two different angles.


High Reflective White (gloss) - pure white looks great and is recommeded for our products that are mounted on a white deck railing or fence. Also looks great on vehicles with contrasting colors (red, black, dark blue, etc.).


Clear Coat (gloss finish over a "satin" aluminum finish; finish is media blasted before powder coating and this provides a nice satin finish under the gloss clear coat - looks really nice)


==> Our "OLD" Powder Coat Colors:

All of these colors are still available but there may be additional lead time, up to 3 weeks or more, if you would like our "old colors" or a custom color. We only charge extra if the paint product cost is higher.

Matte Black (satin, 30% gloss, slight "matte" texture)  - see comparison above to our new "semi-gloss black"; can still provide at our standard cost but there may be a 2-3 week delay or more                             



Bengal Red (gloss) - can still provide at our standard cost but there may be a 2-3 week delay or more                                



Benagal Blue (gloss)  - can still provide at our standard cost but there may be a 2-3 week delay or more                            




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Page Updated: 10/21/2011