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REP Design LLC 

"What's New" Page

This is where we list new products & product changes, and changes to this web site.

 November 22, 2017

I have just added four new products and will be adding additional items in the future. This includes a brand new web page  "Portable Gear", for the traveler, QRP operators, emergency response personnel or anyone who wants to take radio gear in the field.

  • Longer versions of the Honda Ridgeline mounts, version 1 & 2, are now available as the BKT-HondaRL-1(A) & BKT-HondaRL-2(A) that fit Ridgeline's starting with model year 2017 that have a wider bed. Customers with the original version 1 & 2 can purchase just the mounting arms to retrofit their older mount if they purchase a new Ridgeline. The original versions are STILL AVAILABLE. For all Honda mounts click HONDA MOUNTS.
  • Second antenna bracket for Toyota Tacoma and Tundra pickup trucks with a FACTORY BED COVER. Just started shipping the brand new BKT-ToyotaTrac-2 ==> the web page is in the process of being updated. I've had requests over the years for operators who want to install an antenna on their trucks with bed liners, and now they have a possible solution for their needs!
  • BRAND NEW antenna mount that screws to just about any CAMERA TRIPOD you may have laying around or use with your camera, and now, with a smaller HF or just about any V/UHF mobile type antenna, that will screw into a 3/8x24 stud, SO239, NMO without radials and NMO WITH RADIALS antenna bases.
I will also be updating some of my prices, most of which have NEVER increased in 6-8 years. With the fast changing shipping costs I will be replacing the ORDERING BUTTONS for my Canadian and International customers with a QUOTE REQUEST link so I can pride current shipping costs to them (sorry for the inconvenience).

April, 2017

I am sorry to have to ask Canadian and International customers to send a quote request for the items they would like to order as the shipping costs on my web pages are not yet updated and would have to be changed quite often which I do not have time to do. To submit a quote request ==> please CLICK HERE. 

Please DO NOT USE the ordering buttons on my product pages if the items are shipped outside of the United States.

I am sorry for this but many of my shipping prices go back 3-8 years! I try hard not to raise product or shipping prices, but in many cases shipping has increased 50% or more. Thank you for your understanding.

Oct. 23, 2016

I finally got some time to update some of my website pages and to let everyone know that, yes, I'm making parts as always. I updated my company email address to RepDesignLLC@gmail.com.

Please note that shipping charges and my raw material prices have risen sharply, especially shipping overseas. I have had to request additional shipping charges to a few of my international customers where the costs for USPS Priority Mail have skyrocketed, and if I have to do so for please accept my apology. In a recent case I would have lost about $20US on an international order and it's hard to stay in business that way, so please understand if I request additional shipping cost. Since being in business since 2007 I have raised few if any prices but now will have to do so. My website will take a long time to update prices on since I'm a one-person business, so it will not yet reflect price increases. If any price increase is not acceptable to my customers they will receive an immediate full refund. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS JOB ONE! Thanks for your understanding.

Feb. 10, 2014

Please note that after our move in the summer of 2013 it has taken many months to unpack everything and set up equipment, a lot longer than I had hoped. This was completed, finally, on Feb. 9, 2014. I am now scheduling the production and ordering the material I need. I have a rather long list of order backlogs and VERY PATIENT CUSTOMERS - thanks!

Most new orders will be shipped starting around mid March 2014, if they are for products that are not in stock and things I need to make. Please CONTACT ME if you'd like an estimated shipping date for something you're interested in. The SHIPPING STATUS page provides more information and has just been updated.

Happy DX to all and 73, Dick, N7EMW

Aug. 20, 2013

We have moved and are setting up our new shop. This is taking longer than expected so we will not be able to ship until, hopefully, in September 2013. For our NEW ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER please click CONTACT US. We will also post updates on shipping schedules on our SHIPPING STATUS page.


June 10, 2013

 We are moving to a new home 40 miles away and will be setting up a new shop there as well.

Aug. 13, 2012 **product changes

I have added a new DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS page to summarize the changes to my products. My UHAM-150 & 200 products are being discontinued as normal products but can be custom ordered at a higher price. Other products are no longer available, as listed on the Discontinued Products page.

June 21, 2012 **new travel plans for early July

I will be out of the office from June 28 to July 9 and will be checking email daily and office voice mail every day or two, but will not be shipping orders during this period. If you have any questions please call or email me . My SHIPPING DELAYS web page has my current travel and order shipping schedule. Thanks for your patience!

May 13, 2012 **delayed trip plans - normal shipping May-June

I had planned to be gone from late May into July but I've changed my plans and will likely not be gone until July or August. Therefore, I will be SHIPPING UNDER NORMAL SCHEDULE during the rest of May and June. If you want to confirm my current shipping schedule and stock, anytime, please CONTACT DICK . Thanks to all of my customers who ordered things over the past two months for their patience!! You can also check my SHIPPING DELAYS web page. I am now completely caught up on the backlog of orders. 73, Dick, N7EMW. 

Apr. 22, 2012 **new Shipping Delays page + In Memory of Sandra A. Post

I've just added a new web page, SHIPPING DELAYS , which lets you know if I'm currently experiencing or expect future delays in shipping my products. This page also describes my "normal" shipping schedule.

Please note that I will NOT be shipping anything between about May 15 and July 15, 2012, as I will be out of state on a long driving trip across the country. When I return I'll be back to my normal shipping schedule as soon as possible, depending on the number or orders I receive when gone. During this period I WILL BE getting emails and every couple days I or the person watching my shop will check my business voice mail. So rest assured I will not be out of touch! I can refund any orders during this time if you can not wait. 

In fact I will have my mobile station with me and will be accessing email many times a day on my Android phone - email me for a QSO scheudule on just about any band from 160m to 70cm.

As some of you know, my loving wife Sandy passed away on March 12 after 8 years of treatment for ovarian cancer. For all but the past few months she had a very active, creative and full life and no one would have known she had been on chemo for the past four years. After surgery and an initial 6 months on a chemo trial in 2004, she had four years of remission, something most women with this terrible disease aren't lucky enough to experience. Some information on her life can be found at http://www.dellavecchiafh.com/sitemaker/sites/DellaV1/obit.cgi?user=594179Post .

Her passing is why I had a month plus delay in shipping products that were ordered in February and March. When she went into the hospital unexpectedly in February, and hospice in March, I stayed with her 24/7 so of course it then becomes difficult to ship things! Thanks to my customers who were very patient during this period!!!! 73 to Sandy.

Oct. 21, 2011 **Powder Coated Paint Change

Please note we have changed our "standard" powder coated paint lineup, although all of our old colors are still available. For all orders starting in October 2011, our standard powder coat colors will be:

  • Semi-Gloss Black - replaces our "matte black" - is 60% gloss, slightly smoother and more reflective than our "matte black" (30% gloss with slight "matte" texture).
  • High Reflective White - same color as before.
  • Clear Coat - same as before.

PLEASE NOTE: We have not yet changed all of our WEB SITE powder coat finish ORDER BUTTONS to show these changes so if you order MATTE BLACK you will get SEMI-GLOSS BLACK, unless you NOTIFY US at the same time you place the order..

You can still order our old colors but please note there might be a three week or so delay. We have had to make this change due to ever increasing powder coat supplier costs and made a deal with our powder coat shop to keep the prices the same or only slightly higher, if we utilize the black color that is their standard production run - matte black is not a standard run for them but our new semi-gloss is. While both black colors look great and have the same long-term durability in all kinds of weather, we prefer the new semi-gloss slightly more since it is slightly more shiny! It's just a matter of taste. We had been using matte black over the past four years, but "continuous improvement" is our motto!

Please check out examples and more information about our new and old powder coat finishes, with a nice comparison of our old and new black colors: Product Finishes

If you have any questions please CONTACT US .

Aug. 7, 2011

I've just finished the NEW pickup truck bed stake pocket mounts web page - check it out: BKT-SPocket-3x6 $ 3x8 . Have already been shipping and now can be ordered directly from this web page. I'm getting back to finishing the rest of the web page updates, something that has taken me longer than expected.....product shipping takes priority!

Aug. 1, 2011

I've just uploaded our latest PRICE LIST & PRODUCT FLYER , and the AMB-Bkt-1-T MANUAL , the SHD version of our smaller L antenna bracket. Have gotten behind on the web site updates, namely for the brand new CLAMP-250 System and STAKE POCKET MOUNTS (BKT-SPocket's). Instead of doing the web site I've been working hard on some potential new products and basically making and selling our products - this has been our best year so far! We're now in our 5th year of business!

May 21, 2011  **NEW clamp-on and bolt-on SHD antenna / mast mount

I just started the brand new web page for our latest mounting system, the CLAMP-250 . This is build like a tank and will fit just about any HF/V/UHF mobile antenna up to large HF screwdriver/motorized antennas with a base diameter up to 3 inches, AND, it will even fit masts up to 2 inches in OD for supporting light weight antenna systems!

The CLAMP-250 will CLAMP-ON or BOLT-ON to your surface, and can be mounted VERTICALLY or HORIZONTALLY!

This is a customizable, interchangelable and upgradable mounting system for railings, wood posts, metal and wood fences, building ladders and even RV ladders! One absolutely unique feature, is that one of the brackets will TILT the same antennas and masts from vertical (0 degrees) uo to 17 degrees, to clear roofs overhanging deck railings, for example. Check it out by clicking on the link above and if you'd like more information please CONTACT US . The web page is just being started but HOPEFULLY will be completed by June 1.

The CLAMP250 is ready to SHIP NOW.

I'd like to hear from you if you have any comments, even if you're not interested in buying! Dick has spent a good part of the past two months designing, developing and testing the new system. Finally it's done!

April 9, 2011  **Major website update continues

I just finished updating and adding some hardware to the Parts page.

April 1, 2011  **Major website update continues

I just made major additions to the Connectors & Cables and Antenna Extensions pages. Happy April 1st!

Mar. 29, 2011  **Major website update continues

I streamlined the BKT-NissanTrac 1-4 web page which is now just a short summary of the four Nissan models and lists compatible antennas for you to select which model you need. Now, this general page links to the "standard" and "HF hd" detailed pages that you order from (before the streamlining this one page had all of the Nissan information and after my reviewing it I realized it's way too long). "Continuous improvement"! I'm trying to make the web pages as user friendly as possible, yet provide all of the details so you know in advance what you are actually getting!

Our products have multiple options and are user customizable for specific needs, hence this makes our web site more complicated than if we made one product that "fit every need" - there is no such thing in the antenna mount business! We also didn't want to be like some web sites that barely provide any information but at first glance seem to be very simple - on these sites do you really know exactly what you're getting? If you ever have any problems figuring out the web pages, or suggestions, please contact Dick at CONTACT US. Thanks.

You will see a similar streamlining format for our other very long web pages that show multiple products, over the next couple of weeks after which I hope to have this current anual major web update actually done! Happy viewing. Also just streamlined the "L Antenna Mounts " page from one long page, to a summary page + 3 detailed/ordering pages. Check it out, let me know what you think.

Mar. 27, 2011  **Major website update continues

The BKT-NissanTrac 1-4 web page has just been completely updated. I've added all of the new combinations of options with ordering buttons. Folks, there's a lot of options for mounting a wide range of HF/V/UHF antennas with SLIDE-IN, NO HOLES DRILLED, antenna brackets and mounts for Nissan Titan and Frontier pickups, all years with the fractory utility track. If you're not sure what you need, CONTACT US  and tell me what truck model you have and what antenna(s) you would like to mount. If you order three or more items there is a significant shipping discount > CONTACT US for a quick quote.

Mar. 23, 2011  **New Product Flyer

Check out our brand new Product Flyer , that provides a quick summary with snapshot images of everyting we sell. You can view this online or dowload/print a PDF version.

Mar. 18 , 2011  **Major website update continues

The BKT-HondaRL  page has just been updated to include our new antenna bases and specific options that fit these two models of "multiple antenna" brackets that look "factory installed" and provide a simple BOLT ON installation for Honda Ridgeline pickups. We also added ordering buttons for Canadian customers. These brackets also ship world wide.

Mar. 12, 2011  **Major website update continues

I've been updating several pages with some additional information. As mentioned earlier, please note that some shipping costs have been increased slightly, while a few have been reduced if we are able to use some of the newer "flat rate" boxes. Some USPS shipping rates went up at the end of 2010 and a few of our supplier costs have also risen, therefore, we've had to make some changes. However, only in a couple cases have we had to increase any product costs.

For some of our clamp and "L" bracket mounts, we REDUCED the price as we now make them available without any antenna base , which helps those who already have a base that will fit our standard 3/4 inch diameter hole. We added two new bases a couple months ago, the "VersaBase" and "WiFi Kit", and now make all of our compatible bases available on other mounts and if ordered with a mount we've substantially reduced their shipping cost for all customers, including Canadian and International.

Mar. 9, 2011  **Major website update continues

I've just completed an extensive update on our "L" bracket type mounts, with all of our latest interchangeable antenna bases and options. Our newest "L" mount, AMB-Bkt-Mast-D2.0, can support up to three mobile antennas with optional brackets, for top of mast mounting! Very Unique! Check it out at Antenna L Mounts .

Mar. 6, 2011  **Major website update continues

You be interested in the following updates completed today: PRODUCT GUIDE  (version 3/5/11), xxxx

Mar. 4 2011  **New Price List (3/5/11)

I've just uploaded the current PRICE LIST in PDF format, which can be viewed or downloaded. Please note that I've had to change some shipping prices and a few product prices. Not all of the Price List changes are on the product web pages yet as I'm working on all of these now and hope to complete everything well before the end of this month. In the meantime, I will offer you the LOWEST of the prices on the Price List (March 5, 2011) vs. web page. If you are not sure what the price would be, simply CONTACT ME  for a fast quote.

There have been some shipping cost increases from the Post Office and I actually REDUCED shipping on some items, especially internationally, as I've tried to better configure which boxes I use to ship. I reduced the price on some of my mounts that can use my interchangea