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Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Stake Pocket Mounts

BKT-SPocket© super heavy-duty antenna mounts that fit stake pockets and double-wall areas found in many brands of pickup trucks. These are well made, universal fit, mounts that can fit just about any mobile antenna as long as the stake pocket or bed wall can fit one of the backing plates. Will even fit truck bed tool boxes - we can even custom make a larger backing plate to stiffen tool box walls, just let us know what you need.

All models include a 1/2" thick x 3 inch wide x 8 inch long aluminum "L" bracket with 3/4 inch diameter antenna mounting hole and 1/4 inch grounding bolt. Both the "L" bracket and backing plates have a weather and UV resistant EDPM rubber layer to help protect the paint finish.The only difference between these models is the size of the backing plate that fits into the bed wall - we currently offer two stake pocket mounts:

  • BKT-SPocket-3x6: SHORTER backing plate, 2 x 6 inches, for many truck stake pockets.
  • BKT-SPocket-3x8: LONGER backing plate 2 x 8 inches, for larger stake pockets and double thickness bed walls that have enough space for this longer flat backing plate.

Our "SPockets" will fit any size of V/UHF mobile antenna and even larger HF screwdriver and motorized HF antennas! We offer several interchangeable antenna bases  and our SHUNT-100 HF adjustable load inductor coil is a simple bolt-on!

For detailed information, features, antenna bases and options, read on below.

Our PRICE LIST and "quick view" PRODUCTS FLYER may be useful if you're trying to decide what works best for you. Our detailed PRODUCT GUIDE may be useful for showing you the types of antennas that our products are compatible with, and the type of use they are designed for (mobile, portable, fixed base).

Not sure what you need, please CONTACT US for a speedy reply.

BKT_SPocket- 3x6 & 3x8: Heavy-duty "L" Mounts for Stake Pocket and Double Wall Pickup Truck Bed Walls

The three photos below illustrate how the SPockets mount (top photo courtesy of John, W1JCW, showing his Hi Q Antennas HF motorized antenna with our SHUNT-100 on his Dodge truck), and "what you get" with the BKT-SPocket-3x6 (middle photo) and BKT-SPocket-3x8 (third photo). All are shown in hand buffed aluminum and our powder coat finishes are also available.

The following information applies to BOTH SPocket Models - any differences are noted below.


  • Material of construction: 6061 aluminum.
  • Hardware: 18-8 stainless steel 3/8 inch bolts & 1/4 inch grounding bolt.
  • Finishes: Standard hand buffed aluminum. Optional powder coat finishes available. On powder coat finishes we mask off the critical areas around the holes to provide an excellent bare metal to bare metal contact for good grounding and performance.
  • Dimensions: The "L" bracket that your antenna mounts to is 1/2 inches thick x 8 x 8 x 3 inches wide. The backing plates are 1/4 inch thick and either 2 x 6 inches or 2 x 8 inches.
  • Transmit Power: QRP, 100 watts or whatever your antenna and type of antenna base can withstand.
  • Where Used: mobile
  • Antenna Bases:
    • ¾ inch diameter mounting hole with panel thickness 1/2 inches.
    • choice of interchangeable bases - see list below under "Antenna Bases"

Compatible Antennas

The following antennas are compatible, with the appropriate antenna base. If you have any questions, please CONTACT US or view the INSTALLATION MANUAL .

  • small to largest V/UHF mobile antenna (6m and above)
  • HF "ham stick" type antennas
  • CB whip and other antennas that can mount into the hole on the SPockets
  • HF HustlerTM and Texas Bug CatcherTM loading coil type antennas
  • OutbackerTM "clip-lead" type antennas
  • manually tuneable HF antennas such as:
    • MFJ-1624 HF mini-BugCatcher Mobile Antenna
    • MFJ's various models of 6 Thru 40 Meter Portable Screwdriver Antennas
    • and others
  • small to large HF motorized / screwdriver antennas such as:
    • Hi Q Antennas motorized HF antennas - standard and ruggedized models.
    • High Sierra "Sidekick" and the larger HS1500, HS1800 models.
    • Scorpion Antennas models
    • Tarheel "Little Tarheel" and the larger models such as the Tarheel Model 100
  • other mobile antennas with a base diameter up to 3 inches that can mount into a 3/4 inch diameter hole with 1/2 inch panel thickness.

Installation Procedures 

Either of the "SPocket" models are installed by first determining where the:

  1. backing plate (2 x 6 inches or 2x8 inches) can be inserted, and
  2. bed wall is relatively flat for the 3 x 8 inch part of the "L" bracket that mounts against the bed wall.

Some trucks have easy access to the rear side stake pockets by removing one of the rear tail light assemblies. For other truck models, the backing plate simply slides in from the top of the bed wall.

Both the "L" bracket and backing plates have a weather and UV resistant EDPM rubber layer to help protect the paint finish. Using the "L" bracket as a template, the user drills three (3) 3/8" diameter holes for the three heavy-duty stainless steel bolts that fasten the "L" bracket to the backing plate.

For mounting an antenna, the SPockets have a 3/4 inch diameter hole with a 1/2 inch panel thickness. Some antennas, such as Hi Q Antennas standard and ruggedize models and Scorpion Antennas come with hardware that will mount directly to the SPockets. For antennas without compatible mounting hardware/bases, we provide interchangeable antenna bases that you can see - see the section below for information.

For installation details you may find the INSTALLATION MANUAL of interest, which can be viewed or printed in PDF format.

Antenna Bases

You might also be interested in the following antenna bases that will work with this item. For more details click on the link below. These can be ordered after the photos section below - that way we provide a significant shipping discount if the bases are ordered with one of our mounts.You can use any antenna mounting base that will fit the "SPocket" antenna mounting hole which is 3/4 inches in diameter with a panel thickness of 1/2 inch.

The photo below shows the compatible Antenna Bases ("Group 4") , which include antenna bolts and a pair of insulating wafers (AntMtgKit), SO239 and NMO bases. Our standard AntMtgKit includes 2 inch diameter insulating wafers and a 3/8x24 stainless steel antenna bolt with hardware, for many HF screwdriver and Hi Q "standard" antennas.

If your antenna mounts with a base bolt and does not have an SO239 connector for your coax, you might be interested in our SHD-SO239-LA2.0 or LA2.5 SO239 connector adapters. They include an SO239 connector, short #12 wire with solder lug for connecting coax to your antenna. They come in two sizes, depending on the diameter of your antenna insulators: 2 inch or 2.5 inch.

The 2 inch model comes with a 3/8 inch solder lug and the 2.5 inch model comes with a 1/2 inch solder lug - BE SURE YOU ORDER THE CORRECT ONE TO MATCH THE SIZE OF YOUR ANTENNA BOLT (or we can custom install the correct solder lug for you - simply CONTACT US ). The photos below show how the antenna insulating wafers and base bolt (same as our "AntMtgKit") are mounted with these adapters. If your antenna already has the antenna hardware, you would only need the SHD-SO239-LA if you want to plug in your coax. The right photo shows a buffed aluminum "LA" on one of our Matte Black powder coated mounts - the "LA" can also be rotated so the connector is pointing in the correct direction for your coax! Both "LA's" come in hand buffed aluminum or powder coat finishes. Very unique! The "SHD-SO239-LA" is shown below:


You might also be interested in the following options that will work with this item. For more details, click on the link for each option. These can be ordered after the photos section below.

  • SHUNT-100: weatherproof adjustable HF load inductor for 160-10m, which bolts directly to the SPocket.

  • Cables and Connectors : check out our new listings for cables and high-quality Amphenol PL259 connectors, "the real deal". We also offer a weatherproof coax quick disconnect!

More Information

To download the product installation instructions, click > MANUALS. To view our product warranty click > WARRANTY . Our PRODUCT GUIDE lists all of our products, where they can be used and what types of antennas they fit. You may find that our PRICE LIST is handy if you would like a quick view of all of our product costs, including accessories, options and parts.

TO ORDER, please scroll down to the ordering buttons after the photos below.

Product Photos:

The following are just a few example photos to illustrate some of the key features and installation ideas.

PHOTO BELOW: Comparison of the two sizes of backing plates, both 1/4 inch thick and either 2x6 inches or 2x8 inches long. The 1/4 inch bolt on the right side is for grounding and for mounting the optional SHUNT100. 


PHOTO BELOW: Same as above but showing the rubber layer on the backing plates - the back side of the "L" mount has the same coating. This helps protect the paint and keep the drilled holes waterproof.

THREE (3) PHOTOS BELOW: SPocket mounted in the bottom of a rear stake pocket in a Dodge pickup, with Hi Q motorized antenna and SHUNT100 . Was easily mounted by removing rear tail light assembly. Photo courtesy of John, W1JCW.

PHOTO BELOW: Close-up showing how this type of antenna mounts with a base bolt and two insulating wafers - same as our AntMtgKit. It can also be mounted in other stake pockets. Photo courtesy of John, W1JCW

PHOTO BELOW: Rear view of John, W1JCW's, installation showing his new Hi Q Antenna with "eggbeater" cap hat. Very nice, John!

For additional photos, please visit our PHOTO GALLERY ("Product Photos" & "Customer Photos" sections).

Our standard powder coated colors can be seen at PRODUCT FINISHES . We can also do custom colors.

ORDER HERE: BKT-SPocket- 3x6 or 3x8: buffed aluminum ($65.00) or powder coated paint ($95.00) + Shipping (USD)

TO ORDER: (1) select model & finish, then (2) select antenna base and (3) select options that you may want.

We offer DISCOUNTS if you order three (3) or more items (mix and match). For a FAST QUOTE fill out our QUOTE FORM . For shipping information click > SHIPPING (Worldwide) .

Solution Graphics

(1) FIRST, select MODEL (3x6 or 3x8) & FINISH (buffed aluminum or powder coated)

(a) Model 3x6 - shorter backing plate (6 inches long):

  United States Customers: Shipping $18.00, shipping each additional $8.00


Canadian Customers: Shipping $34.00, shipping each additional $15.00 


International Customers: Shipping $53.00, shipping each additional $23.00



(a) Model 3x8 - longer backing plate (8 inches long):

United States Customers: Shipping $18.00, shipping each additional $8.00


Canadian Customers: Shipping $34.00, shipping each additional $15.00


International Customers: Shipping $53.00, shipping each additional $23.00



(2) SECOND, select one or more antenna bases - for either model:

The following antenna bases are compatible:

Antenna Bases - Group 4 (AntMtg Kit, SO239, NMO): REDUCED SHIPPING if ordered with compatible mount.

United States Customers: Shipping $2.00, shipping each additional $2.00

Select antenna base(s):
Canadian Customers: Shipping $3.00, shipping each additional $3.00.
Select antenna base(s):
International Customers: Shipping $4.00, shipping each additional $4.00.
Select antenna base(s):

To order our SHD-SO239 SO239-LA connectors on a compact aluminum "L" bracket, for antennas that mount with a base bolt, please click on the link and scroll down that page for the "LA" section. Please note which size of solder lug that your base bolt will fit - the 2 inch model comes with a 3/8" lug and the 2.5 model comes with a 1/2" lug. We can also custom install a solder lug for you, from 1/4 to 1/2" bolts, simply CONTACT US . The following photo shows the "LA" with our AntMtgKit bolt/wafer kit.


(3) THIRD, select options if desired - for either model:

You might also be interested in the following options that will work with this item, as mentioned above. Click on the links for each option for details and to order them. We offer a discount if you order three (3) or more of one or multiple products. For a FAST QUOTE, click > QUANTITY DISCOUNT .

  • SHUNT-100 : weatherproof adjustable HF load inductor for 160-10m, which bolts directly to the CLAMP150.
  • Cables and Connectors : check out our new listings for cables and highg-quality Amphenol PL259 connectors, "the real deal". We even have a weatherproof quick disconnect for coax.


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