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   Nissan Truck Slide-In Antenna Mounts

Versatile "slide-in" antenna brackets for Nissan Titan and Frontier pickups that have Nissan's utility track system. Provides a "NO HOLES TO DRILL" bracket for most HF/V/UHF mobile antennas, and looks FACTORY INSTALLED All four models fit either the left or right bed wall tracks (will not fit the front bed wall track as this track is too shallow). Available in buffed aluminum or powder coated finishes.

The "standard" models  require one of our mounts depending on your antenna type: (1) "AMB-Bkt-1 " antenna mounting "L" bracket with one of our interchangeable antenna bases, for essentially any size V/UHF to small HF antennas, or (2) UHAM200  "two points" mount for HF antennas up to medium size screwdriver/motorized antennas.

  • BKT_NissanTrac-1: "Standard" model for Titan.
  • BKT_NissanTrac-2: "Standard" model for Frontier.

The "HF hd" models  come with a super-duty "L" bracket (1/2 x 6x6 x 4" wide) for supporting your medium to large HF screwdriver/motorized antenna, including the Hi Q "ruggedized" HF motorized and new Scorpion HF screwdriver and other brands of HF antennas that mount into a 3/4" diameter hole. These will also fit VHF-UHF antennas with one of our interchangeable antenna bases.

  • BKT_NissanTrac-3"HF hd" model for Titan.
  • BKT_NissanTrac-4: "HF hd" model for Frontier.

For information about which antennas these fit and about general specifications on all models, read on below.

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Model Selection - All Models 1-4 

FIrst, pick out which model you need for your antenna, the "standard" or "HF hd" - you can install more than one of our our NissanTrac mounts on your truck! There are two models each for Titan and Frontier - the only difference is that the Frontier has an aluminum spacer to stick out beyond the plastic trim on the bed wall.

  • Standard models - for all VHF, UHF and small HF mobile antennas, and HF screwdriver/motorized antennas that require two points of support;
  • HF hd models - large HF screwdriver/motorized antennas that do not require two points of support; also fits all VHF and UHF antennas.

"Standard" NissanTrac Models (1-2)

The standard model provides a sturdy backing plate for mounting one of our two antenna mounts. To go directly to our detailed information and ordering pages, please click STANDARD MODELS.

The "standard" Models 1-2 have a choice of two antenna mount options, as follows.

Antenna Mount #1: Our standard "L" bracket mount is 1/4 inch thick and 2 inches wide with a 3/4 inch diameter antenna base mounting hole.

We have several interchangeable antenna bases for this mount. This mount fits the following antennas.

  • small to largest V/UHF mobile antenna (6m and above)
    • amateur radio antennas
    • GMRS antennas
    • commerical band antennas 
  • HF "ham stick" type antennas 
  • HF HustlerTM and Texas Bug CatcherTM loading coil type antennas
  • OutbackerTM "clip-lead" type antennas
  • manually tuneable HF antennas such as:
    • Super Antennas MP-1
    • MFJ-1624 HF mini-BugCatcher Mobile Antenna
    • MFJ's various models of 6 Thru 40 Meter Portable Screwdriver Antennas
    • and others
  • small HF motorized / screwdriver antennas such as:
    • High Sierra "Sidekick"
    • Tarheel "Little Tarheel"  
    • Super Antennas MP-2
    • and others 

Antenna Mount #2: Our UHAM-200 universal fit adjustable HF screwdriver/motorized antenna mount with TWO POINTS of SUPPORT for antennas with a base diameter up to 2 inches; has a 3/4 inch diameter mounting hole with panel thickness of 3/4 inches.

We have an antenna mounting kit (AntMtgKit) with insulating wafers and stainless steel hardware and a connector adapter for plugging in your coax for this mount.This mount fits the following antennas.

  • High Sierra HS1500, HS1800
  • Tarheel full-sized models
  • Hi Q Antennas "standard" motorized antennas (excluding "ruggedized" models, these fit our "NissanTrac- 3 & 4" models)
  • Essentially any screwdriver / motorized antenna with a base diameter up to 2 inches that mounts into a 3/4" diameter hole with a panel thickness of 3/4 inches, and can mount with a 3/8x24 base bolt.

"HF hd" NissanTrac Models (3-4)

The "HF hd" models come with a very heavy-duty "L" mount, 1/2 inch thick x 4 inches wide, with a 3/4 inch hole for the antenna base. These models fit the following types of antennas. To go directly to our detailed information and ordering pages, please click HF hd MODELS.

  • Hi Q Antennas "ruggedized" HF motorized antenna models - 2.5" diameter base, mount with 1/2" base bolt and insulating washers (provided by Hi Q or we can also provide - see Antenna Bases below).
  • Scorpion Antennas models - 3" diamter base, mount with a 3/4" bolt that is at ground potential - no additional base needed.
  • Any size VHF-UHF and smaller HF mobile antennas that can mount with the appropriate base into a 3/4" diameter hole with a panel thickness of 1/2". 


General Information - All Models 1-4 

Model Comparisons

The following image illustrates the four versions of the "NissanTrac", and what you get with each (buffed aluminum is standard with all, and there are five powder coat finishes available for all).

Nissan Utility Track Dimensions (All Models)

All four NissanTrac models will fit a "utility track" with the following dimensions. This image shows a utility track on the Titan. On the Frontier the track is the same but the plastic trim sticks out beyond the track approximately 1/8" -  we provide a spacer to accomodate this on the Frontier models.

Specifications (All Models) 

  • Material of construction: 6061 aluminum.
  • Hardware: 18-8 stainless steel and 3/8 inch bolts
  • Finishes: Standard hand buffed aluminum. Optional powder coat (black, red, white, blue and clear coat) - we mask off the critical areas around the holes to provide an excellent bare metal to bare metal contact for good grounding and performance.
  • Dimensions: (see detailed web pages for the standard and HF hd models)
  • Transmit Power: QRP, 100 watts or whatever your antenna and type of antenna base can withstand.
  • Where Used: mobile - Nissan Frontier & Titan pickup trucks
  • Antenna Bases: we have several interchangeable antenna bases for a variety of antennas, or you can use your own base if it will mount into a 3/4 inch diameter hole. See each model below for a list of our compatible antenna bases.

Installation Procedures (All Models)

Quick slide-in mount into Nissan's factory utility track. On Frontier it slides in from the front. On Titan it slides in from the rear. Models 1 & 2 require an optional mount for your type of antenna. Models 3 & 4 come standard with a heavy-duty "L" bracket for mounting the antenna. All models can use several of our interchangeable antenna bases and accept some aftermarket bases as well..

More Information and Manuals (All Models)

To download the product installation instructions, click > MANUALS. To view the warranty click > WARRANTY . Our PRODUCT FLYER & GUIDE list all of our products, where they can be used and what types of antennas they fit. You may find that our PRICE LIST  is handy if you would like a quick view of all of our product costs, including accessories, options and parts.

To go directly to our detailed information and ordering pages, please click STANDARD MODELS 1-2   or HF hd MODELS 3-4  . Not sure what you need, please CONTACT US for a speedy reply.


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