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Portable Radio & Antenna Gear 

for Travel, QRP, Pedestrian Mobile

AMB-TripodAM-1: HF closeup

AMB-TripodAM-1: Camera Tripod Antenna Mount

I now have new products for the portable, QRP and travel operator. The ones that are ready for sale are shown here. Others will be coming, as I am pondering them or testing them myself on upcoming trips or treks "into my backyard". I most enjoyed QRP operation while traveling by air, car or canoe, and felt it was time to make these available to my customers. 

Listed here are links to after-market components that I have used, and there are many other companies who also make fine products. I only list items on my website if I have personally used them and find them useful and of high quality. This does NOT imply that products from other companies are not of high quality, it's just that I haven't tried them (yet). I have no financial or personal gain by including these links, and if I ever do I would state so. No "fake news" here!

My ideas come quicker than my website updating so if you have an idea or you have a need for something please email me a description of what you are looking for: CONTACT ME. Many of my products have resulted from customer inquiries! As a small one person company I can make individual or small production runs of products. All aluminum brackets are made in my shop and powder coating is done locally at a metal finishing shop.

Enjoy the journey, and searching my website. Happy DX from portable realms.


AMB-TripodAM-1: Light-weight Antenna Mount for "ANY" Camera Tripod

This is an excellent solution for mounting your portable/mobile HF/V/UHF antenna where there are no structures for a dipole and need something totally self supporting, such as what a camera tripod can support.

This is something I've pondered for years and finally completed my first production unit which I am using for portable/travel and QRP operation, on HF and V/UHF bands. You can use any inexpensive (or expensive) camera tripod as the "TripodAM" has 1/4x20 threads which essentially all camera tripod screws go into. You can use most types of mobile or light-weight antennas that screw onto one of our interchangeable antenna bases: 3/8x24 stud, NMO without radials, NMO with radials and SO239. All have an SO239 connector on the bottom for connecting coax. 

Here is what you get, 3/4 inch diameter hole with panel thickness of 1/4 inch for the antenna base (ours or your compatible), ground counterpoise 1/4 inch bolt with wing nut and center 1/4x20 threads for the camera tripod screw - same as what is on the bottom of just about all cameras. Material is 606 aluminum and 18-8 stainless steel hardware. Finish is hand-buffed aluminum - yes I hand buff each one with #2 and then #0000 stainless steel. Dimensions are 3/16 inch thick x 2 inches x 7 inches. Weight (without antenna base) is 4.6 ounces.

Here are two examples of my current installations using the "TripodAM". The sky is the limit for other HF antenna configurations.

HF Light-weight, self-supporting, portable antenna setup that fits in a smaller suitcase or backpack, for 40-6m:

The antenna is a 17 ft. untuned stainless steel telescoping whip  that will fit into a medium-sized suitcase: MFJ-1779. This is tuned at the antenna with an Elecraft T1 QRP ATU, connected to a 3/8x24 REP Design antenna base with approx. 6 inches of RG58 coax. You can also adjust the telescoping whip for 1/4 wavelength, WITHOUT a tuner, from 20m to 6m but I like to remotely tune the antenna. To remotely tune the Elecraft T1 you can use a two-conductor shielded cable (I use RG174) connected to a momentary SPST switch. I place one split Mix 33 ferrite bead, 2-3 turns, on the cable close to the T1, to help prevent RF from traveling down the remote tune cable. I have ordered a 1:1 50 ohm "Balun Designs" balun for placing at the input (radio side) of the T1 via approx. 6 inches of RG58 coax since a vertical antenna is an "unbalanced" antenna and the balun reduces/prevents RF from traveling down the coax and helps to isolate the transmitted signal to the antenna & counterpoise wire. From the balun I typically run 24 ft (or so) of coax to the radio, currently an Elecraft KX3 or for extra light travel a KX2. The reason for tuning the antenna at the antenna is to avoid RF loss in a coax run if an antenna was placed at the radio. Lastly I use a 32 ft.  Buddipole single counterpoise wire on a coil winder; this the green wire in the photo which shows the counterpoise not yet deployed.


V/UHF Antenna:

The antenna is dual band 144 mHz & 450 mHz antenna with an REP Design NMO radial base. This is shown deployed on a 4 foot diameter table to raise the antenna a few feet more above ground.


Compatible Antennas

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US .

  • Essentially any mobile VHF – UHF (6m and above), including GMRS, MURS and commercial bands. You will need ground radials, such as provided on our NMO radial base (shown below).
  • Small HF: telescoping whips of almost any length, “ham sticks”, Hustler loading coil antennas, etc.
  • Small HF screwdriver: High Sierra Sidekick, Tarheel Little Tarheel, Yaesu ATAS100/120, etc.
  • CB radio (11m band): mobile antennas including 9 ft. whips.


We currently provide the following options for the AMB-TripodAM-1. Other aftermarket items, such as antennas, tuners, counterpoise, balun, etc. are available from others - for some of these see the links above but there are many other sources.

  • Antenna Bases : Interchangeable antenna bases that fit this mount. Notice the nicely machined weatherproof heavy-duty nuts!

More Information

To download the product installation instructions (COMING SOON), click > MANUALS.  To view our product warranty click > WARRANTY . If you have any questions please CONTACT ME.

ORDER HERE: AMB-TripodAM-1: Tripod Antenna Mount

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If you need an antenna base from us for your AMB-TripodAM-1, please click ANTENNA BASES. You can also submit a QUOTE REQUEST form. Thanks.
The following antenna bases are compatible and are interchangeable, you can order now or in the future:
  • 3/8x24 stud
  • SO239
  • NMO without radials
  • NMO WITH radials


They will also be announced on our WHAT'S NEW page.

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