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Welcome to the REP Design LLC Home Page

Designs by N7EMW

"Best antenna mounts on the planet"

"Really Excellent Products"

We design, manufacture and sell high performance radio antenna mounts & related products.

We cater to the amateur, CB, emergency response and commercial mobile & portable radio operator.

Our products are blueprinted and TRULY UNIQUE.

All products have a return & manufacturing warranty.

We sell WORLD WIDE - Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South America.........

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On this Home Page You Will Find Quick Information:

(1) Our Products 

(2) What We Offer To Our Customers

(3) Our Services

(4) The REP Design Story  

You may find our PRODUCTS FLYER ,  PRODUCTS SELECTION GUIDE  of interest. They provide a quick summary of all of our products and can be viewed and printed, in PDF format.

NEW UPDATES - Nov. 2017

I have just added 4 new products:

==> BKT-ToyotaTrac-2, for Tundra & Tacoma pickup trucks that have a FACTORY BED COVER.

==> BKT-HondaRL-1(A) & BKT-HondaRL-2(A), now fit the wider beds on 2017 and newer vehicles

==> New line of PORTABLE GEAR, starting with a camera tripod antenna mount for portable and field antenna setups.

I will also be updating some product and shipping costs - first time for most in 6-10 years!

See WHAT'S NEW for a summary.

View or download a brand new PRODUCTS FLYER (Nov. 2017)

Almost forgot to mention that 2017 is my 10th year in business!


The snap shots and summaries below show all of the products that we sell.

Click on the links below for the detailed PRODUCT PAGES and to ORDER.

 We use PayPal's secure system for web orders.

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Thanks for looking!



Flat "Super Duty" Antenna Mounts

"Super heavy-duty" bumper and trailer hitch mounts for large HF antennas. Can be mounted to vertical surfaces with the AMB_VMA-4 adapter . Available in buffed aluminum or powder coated finishes.

  • BKT_Flat-4 : for large HF screwdriver/motorized antennas with base diameter up to a 4", such as those made by Scorpion Antennas and others (NO SO239 barrel connector).
  • BKT_Flat-4S : for large HF screwdriver/motorized antennas with base diameter up to a 4", such as the Hi Q Antennas "ruggedized" models and others (WITH SO239 barrel connector).
  • BKT_Sksp-1 :  for the Shakespeare 4245 "military" spring base that fits the Shakespeare whips up to 32 feet long [Shakespeare military antennas-AND- the Hi Q Antennas "ruggedized" models. WIth the optional AMB_SG237-Kit1 you can mount an SGC autotuner directly under the mount - makes a great addition to your Shakespeare 16 or 32 ft. vertical in "stationary mobile" configuration!

 "Stake Pocket" Truck Mounts

==> Now Shipping & Web Page COMPLETED <==

Heavy-duty "L" antenna mounts that fit many makes and brands of pickup trucks - stake pockets or anywhere in the truck bed, including tool boxes, where you can install the backing plate! Easy installataion requires drilling three 3/8" diameter holes; stainless steel hardware is included. The "L" mount and backing plate have a rubber layer to help protect paint - very unique! We can even provide custom-made larger backing plates to stiffen the walls of tool boxes. Will support just about any mobile antenna, from V/UHF to large HF screwdriver/motorized antennas up to a base diameter of 3 inches! Our interchangeable antenna bases are compatible! For larger backing plates please CONTACT US .

  • BKT- SPocket-3x8 : heavy-duty stake pocket "L" antenna mount that is 1/2" thick x 3 inches wide and made of 6061 aluminum. Includes a backing plate that is 1/4" thick x 2" wide x 8" long that mounts inside the stake pocket, or another part of the bed wall where the backing plate can be inserted. Mount and backing plate have a rubber layer on the back side to protect paint. Antenna mounting hole is 3/4" diameter with a panel thickness of 1/2", for our interchangeable antenna bases or the antenna mounting hardware that come with many antennas.
  • BKT- SPocket-3x6 : exactly the same except has a slightly shorter backing plate that is 1/4" thick x 2" wide x 6" long, for inserting into more stake pockets that are too small for the "3x8" model.

Honda Ridgeline Mounts ** NEW MODEL FOR 2017+ TRUCKS **

Bolt-on multi-antenna bracket for Honda Ridgeline, bolts to front upper tie down brackets, 51" long x 4" wide x 1-9/16" tall sides, and antenna mounting area 3/16" thick. Can fit at least 3 HF/V/UHF antennas. Looks factory installed!  Available in buffed aluminum or powder coated finishes.

  • BKT-HondaRL-1 : standard model for essentially any size V/UHF mobile antenna and small to medium sized HF antennas.
  • BKT-HondaRL-2 : "HF super duty" model for one medium to large HF screwdriver/motorized antenna that can mount into a 3/4" diameter hole with a 3/4" panel thickness, in addition to at least two V/UHF antennnas plus smaller HF antennas.
  • BKT-HondaRL-1(A) and BKT-HondaRL-2(A): Same as the original versions but include longer mounting arms to fit the 2017 and newer trucks that have wider beds. For customers with the original models, you can order just the mounting arms.

Nissan Truck Mounts

Versatile "slide-in" antenna brackets for Nissan Frontier and Titan pickups that have Nissan's utility track system. Provides a "NO HOLES TO DRILL" base for most HF/V/UHF mobile antennas. Available in buffed aluminum or powder coated finishes.

  • Standard Models - choice of two mounts ("L" bracket for V/UHF and small HF antennas, or UHAM200 adjustable "two of supports" for HF screwdriver/motorized antennas with base diameter up to 2 inches, such as Hi Q, High Sierra, Tarheel, etc.) and several interchangeable antenna bases:
    • BKT_NissanTrac-1 : standard model for Titan.
    • BKT_NissanTrac-2 : standard model for Frontier (includes spacer).
  • "HF hd" Models - includes HD "L" mount (1/2" thick x6x6 x 4" wide) with 3/4" mounting hole for larger HF screwdriver/motorized antennas (Hi Q, Scorpion, etc.), and even V/UHF and small HF antennas with our interchangeable antenna bases.
    • BKT_NissanTrac-3"HF hd" model for Titan.
    • BKT_NissanTrac-4"HF hd" model for Frontier (includes spacer).

Click this link for the "NissanTrac" Truck Mounts Comparison Page .

 Toyota Truck Mounts ** NEW BRACKET **


Versatile "slide-in" antenna mount for Toyota Tacoma & Tundra pickups that have Toyota's utility track system. Provides a "NO HOLES TO DRILL" base for many HF/V/UHF mobile antennas, up to medium size HF antennas. Available with several of our interchangeable antenna bases. Available in buffed aluminum or five powder coat finishes.

  • BKT_ToyotaTrac-1 : Toyota Tacoma & Tundra slide-in mount, for trucks that do NOT have a bed cover.
  • BKT_ToyotaTrac-2: Toyota Tacoma & Tundra slide-in mount, for trucks that have a FACTORY BED COVER. **NEW PRODUCT NOW SHIPPING, Nov. 2017**

Portable Gear  ** NEW LINE **

Portable gear for the QRP, traveling, EMCOMM, portable operator who is looking for versatile, small and light-weight items for radio/antenna use that is not available from others. More products coming when I have time to include them or to finish trying them out!
  • AMB-TripodAM-1: Adapter to mount small HF and small to large V/UHF mobile antennas on ANY camera tripod. If you take a tripod for your camera or smartphone, now you can use the same one to support your antenna.

  • "CLAMP" Mounts 


     "Clamp to anything" mounts for your HF/V/UHF mobile antennas. Wide variety of options available, including our many interchangeable antenna bases , adjustable HF load inductor SHUNT100 , second antenna arm (AMB_Arm2 ) and many others. Available in buffed aluminum or powder coated finishes.

    • CLAMP-150:  clamp-on mount for portable, fixed-base, travel, QRP, and EMCOMM  antenna systems that will support HF/V/UHF antennas up to small/medium sized HF screwdriver/motorized antennas. Will fit essentially any flat surface, vertical, horizontal AND tilted, that is 0.5 to 9 inches THICK - yes, nine inches thick! It is installed and removed in only a couple of minutes. Makes a great, small and light, addition to your "go bag" (this is N7EMW's main travel antenna mount). With the AMB-Arm2 you can mount a SECOND, V/UHF antenna!THERE IS NOT OTHER CLAMP MOUNT THAT CAN DO THIS! Our many interchangeable antenna bases are listed below:
      • 3/8x24 stud base - SO239 connector on bottom; also fits BuddistickTM vertical antennas.
      • AntMgtKit - 3/8x24 stainless steel bolt with hardware and pair of 2 inch diameter insulating wafers, for many HF screwdriver/motorized antennas
      • NMO base - SO239 connector on bottom.
      • NMO radial base - four removable stainless steel radials for 135-512 MHz.
      • SO239 base - SO239 connector on bottom.
      • VersaBase - BuddipoleTM dipole antennas in horizontal, sloped and L configurations; longest radials, all HF aluminum & stainless steel. 
      • WiFi Kit - panel type SHF/WiFi gain antennas, FULL 3D aiming.
    • CLAMP-250 : ***NEW PRODUCT** Antenna and light mast mounting system that will fit essentially ANY mobile HF/V/UHF antenna, and masts up to 2 inches in O.D. It can be CLAMPED or BOLTED to railings, fences, building ladders and even RV ladders. Various brackets are available, including a TILTING bracket that will tilt and antenna or mast from vertical (0 degrees) outward up to 17 degrees such as to clear a roof overhanging a deck railing. Great for antenna restricted neighborhoods, so we've added a bunch of new "homeowner" colors to our powder coat finishes - aslo available in hand buffed aluminum. THIS IS TRULY A UNIQUE FIXED BASE or RV LADDER MOUNT!

    HF Shunt Coils

    UNIQUE adjustable, weatherproof, HF shunt load inductor for mobile and outdoor installation. Covers 160-10m with ONE adjustment. Bolts on our BKT, AMB & UHAM antenna brackets and mounts. We also offer just the coil and coil clip separately (PARTS_Coil-01 ). For product details, photos and to order, click > SHUNT-100 .

    Connectors & Cables

    Custom-made high quality coax, jumper cables, "the real deal" Amphenol and other PL259 & SO239 connectors. We use high quality Belden RG8 coax for our custome made jumper cables.

    • Weatherproof PL259 Quick Disconnects:

    These have been replaced by new models which are slightly smaller but otherwise function the same. Click on the links below for more information.

      • CNCT_PL259-WXQD_Complete System: weatherproof PL259 coax quick disconnect, for mobile and fixed base outdoor installation, for protecting your coax plug when antenna is removed, includes weather cap and ¼” mounting bolt.
      • CNCT_PL259-WXQD_Extra Antenna Half: extra "CNCT" antenna half  to use more than one antenna on one vehicle/fixed base.
      • CNCT_PL259-WXQD_Extra Mounted Halfextra "CNCT" mounted half w/ extra weather cap to use one antenna on more than one vehicle/fixed base.
    • Jumper cables:
      • JUMPER_PL259_1.5 (1/4,3/8 or 1/2 solder lug): antenna center conductor jumper cable (no shield) to connect antenna base to SO239 connector on mount - 1.5 ft. long, Amphenol PL259, made from Belden RG8 coax - CHOICE of solder lug (1/4, 3/8 or 1/2") .
      • JUMPER_PL259_shunt100: antenna center conductor jumper cable (no shield) to connect SHUNT100 to coax "Tee" on our mounts, 7.5 in. long, Amphenol PL259 & 1/4" HD solder lug, made from Belden RG8.
      • RG8_custom cable: high quality RG8 cable made to customers specifications, any length, available connectors: Amphenol PL259 plug, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2" solder lugs. Made from Belden 97% (with solder lugs) or 100% (with two PL259's) shielded RG8.
    • "The Real Deal" Amphenol connectors:
      • PL259_Plug: Amphenol 83-1sp high quality PL259 plug for RG8, silver plated pin and body (fits 175 & 176 reducers for RG58 & RG8X, reducers not included) - "the real deal".  
      • PL259_Tee: Amphenol 83-1T high quality "Tee" connector, silver plated pin, nickel body - center male, both ends female - "the real deal".
      • PL259_Elbow: Amphenol 83-1AP high quality 90 degree "elbow" connector, silver plated contact, nickel body - "the real deal".
    • PL259 adapters: 
      • PL259 push-on: good quality adapter, threaded end fits PL259, other end slips onto SO239 connector.
      • PL259 double male: good quality adapter, both ends male threaded.
    • SO239 connectors: 
      • SO239 barrel: 2 inches long with UNIQUE nicely machined, rust proof, heavy duty nuts. 

    For product details, photos and to order, click > Cables & Connectors .

    Antenna Bases 

    Heavy-duty high quality antenna bases, with hardware to fit the 3/4" diameter holes in our UHAM, BKT and AMB antenna brackets. Also include nicely made heavy-duty and rust-free SO239 nuts (not the flimsey ones that normally come with SO239's - we shopped around and finally found the ones suited for our products).

    • 3/8x24 - for standard antenna base threads:
      • 3/8x24 stud base: HD 3/8x24 stud antenna base with SO239 on bottom - fits  3/4" hole, panel up to 1/4" thick.
      • "AntMtgKits": [NEW]  three kits with 1-3/4, 2 and 2-1/4 inch long 3/8x24 antenna base bolts with pair of two inch diameter insulating wafers - for mounts that are 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 inches thick. Also includes flat and lock washers, ready to install your HF motorized/screwdriver antenna into our UHAM, BKT and AMB antenna mounts and brackets. Hardware is 18-8 stainless steel.
    • NMO:
      • NMO standard base: high quality NMO base with SO239 on bottom - fits 5/8-3/4" hole, panel up to 7/8" thick, includes HD stainless steel (SS) hardware.
      • NMO base with radials high quality NMO base with 4 removable SS groundplane radials (135-512 MHz)  & SO239 on bottom - fits; 5/8-3/4" hole, panel up to 5/8" thick, includes HD SS hardware.
    • SO239:
      • SO239 standard base: high quality SO239 base (2" barrel) - fits 5/8-3/4" hole, panel up to 3/4" thick, includes HD SS hardware.
      • SO239 adapters for antennas with base bolt but no connector [NEW] : plug your coax into the heavy-duty SO239 mounted on a compact aluminum "L" bracket, "plug 'N play" (no soldering), 2 sizes available:
        • SHD_SO239-LA2.0 bolts to 3/8" antenna base bolt, for 2.0" diameter insulating washers, includes 3/8" solder lug on short #12 wire, (fits Hi Q's standard motorized HF antennas, High Sierra & Tarheel HF screwdriver antennas, etc. with 3/8x24 mounting bolts). Fits ANY mount thickness and any antenna with 3/8x24 base bolt! Compatible with our AntMtgKits.
        • SHD_SO239-LA2.5: bolts to 1/2" antenna base bolt, for 2.5" diameter insulating washers, includes 1/2" solder lug on short #12 wire (fits Hi Q's "ruggedized" motorized HF antennas and other brands with 1/2x20 mounting bolts).Will fit ANY mount thickness and any antenna with 1/2" base bolt!
    • BuddipoleTM:
      • VersaBase:   [NEW]  8" long aluminum and stainless steel base for BuddipoleTM dipole antennas in horizontal, sloped and L configurations, even fits dipoles with LONGER RADIALS - very sturdy! The Buddipole VersateeTM simply screws onto this base! Fits our CLAMP150 and AMB-Bkt-1 L brackets, or mount it into "your own" bracket with 3/4 inch diameter hole.
    • WiFi & SHF Panel Antennas:
      • WiFi Kit:   [NEW]  adapter for our CLAMP150 clamp to anything mount, for mounting most WiFi outside mounted panel and other gain antennas. FULL 3D orientation.

    For product details, photos and to order, click > Antenna Bases . We also sell hardware for antenna bases and connectors > Parts .

    Antenna "L" Brackets

    Antenna mounting "L" brackets for essentially any V/UHF mobile antenna and even large HF screwdriver/motorized antennas, depending on which model you choose. Options include our interchangeable antenna bases,  and AMB-Arm2 2nd antenna arm with NMO radial base and SHUNT100 HF shunt coil which bolt to all of these - very unique and versatile. See our PRODUCT GUIDE for compatibility. Three models bolt or screw to your fixed base installation, or bolt to your truck rack/tool box, etc. One model bolts to the top of masts and can support 1-3 HF/V/UHF mobile antennas! Available in buffed aluminum or powder coated finishes.

    • AMB-Bkt-1 : "L" bracket 1/4 x 4x4 x 2" wide for mounting antennas to vertical surfaces, 6061 aluminum, 3/8x16" stainless steel (SS) bolts/hardware - available with several of our antenna bases.
    • AMB-Bkt-1T : HD  "L" bracket 1/2 x 6x6 x 2.5" wide for mounting antennas to vertical surfaces, SS hardware , 6061 Al, for Hi Q Antennas "ruggedized" antennas and other brands with a base up to 2.5 inches in diameter, has 3/4" antenna mounting hole (NO ant. base). Compatible with our AntMtgKits .
    • AMB-Bkt-2"dual "L brackets for mounting antennas to horizontal surface, allows tilting of antenna (TWO L's each 1/4 x 4x4 x 2" wide), 6061 Al -  available with several of our antenna bases.
    • AMB-Bkt-Mast-D2.0 SHD "L" bracket 1/2 x 8x8 x 4"wide for mounting antennas to the top of masts up to 2" O.D., 6061 aluminum, includes  -3- 3/8" SS U-bolts . With the AMB-Arm2 it will fit a second and third V/UHF antenna - yes, up to THREE ANTENNAS on one mount !

    For product details, photos and to order, click > Antenna L Brackets .

    Counterpoise "Ground" Brackets


    Aluminum ground counterpoise "rings" with stainless steel hardware, and bolt kits, for mounting your mobile HF/VHF antenna on a fixed' base or portable antenna setup. These bolt to our CLAMP mounts and AMB "L" brackets. Simply screw in your telescoping whips (available up to at least 12 ft. long) or "tuned" whips with 3/8x24 stud or attach a wire counterpoise. Buffed aluminum finish.

    • AMB-Gnd-1: "ring" ground counterpoise bracket for 4 radials with 3/8x24 stud, 3" OD (1/8 thick x1" wide), fits 2" wide "L" brackets.
    • AMB-Gnd-8 "ring" ground counterpoise bracket for 8 radials with 3/8x24 stud, 3" OD (1/8 thick x1" wide), fits 2" wide "L" brackets.
    • AMB-Gnd-8W: "ring" gnd. bracket for 8 radials with 3/8x24 stud, LARGER 5" OD (1/8 thick x1"wide), fits 4" wide "L" brackets, such as our AMB-Bkt-Mast-D2.0 .
    • AMB-Gnd-Hdwr3/8x24 SS bolts/lock washers & HD 3/8" solder lugs (SET OF 4), for connecting a wire counterpoise to our counterpoise couplers, for # 16-12 wire .

    For product details, photos and to order, click > Counterpoise Brackets .

    Mounting Adapters - For Our Products

    Versatile mounting adapters for our CLAMP, AMB and BKT products that enable you to change the mounting configuration from horizontal <=> vertical and to install a second antenna. We even have one adapter that mounts an SGC HF autotuner to make an excellent fixed-base or stationary mobile antenna. We have photos showing these versatile adapters on our detailed web pages (links below) and on our new PHOTO GALLERY  (see Product and Customer slide shows). Available in buffed aluminum or powder coated finishes.

    • AMB-Arm2 : 2nd antenna extension arm (13" long) with 4 removable SS groundplane radials (135-512 MHz), attaches with 1/4" bolt on our CLAMP150 and AMB series "L" brackets 
    • AMB_SG237-Kit1 : hardware kit for mounting the SGC SG237 HF auto tuner below our BKT-Sksp-1  mount (SS and Al).
    • AMB_SKSP1-ATU2 : adjustable "dual plate" kit to mount various automatic antenna tuners below the BKT-Sksp-1 mount (SS and Al).
    • AMB_VMA-4 : SHD  "L" bracket (1/2 x 6x6 x4" wide) for attaching horizontal mounts (up to 3/4" thick) to a vertical surface (up to 1-1/4" thick), INCLUDES SS hardware - fits these mounts:
      • UHAM150 - adjustable two attachment points for HF screwdriver/motorized antennas with base up to 2". 
      • BKT-Flat-4/4S - HF screwdriver/motorized antennas with base to 4".
      • BKT-Sksp-1 - Shakespeare 4245 spring base for Shakespeare 16-32 ft. whips and Hi Q's "ruggedized" motorized antennas.

    For product details, photos and to order, click > Mounting Adapters .


    We sell various parts from our products as well as some parts that you may not find at some small hardware stores. We have other parts not shown below - if you need something, such as a longer stainless steel HF antenna mounting bolt, please CONTACT US . Some of these parts have been requested by customers to use on their "other brand" or custom-made antenna mounts..

    • HF Shunt Coils:
      • Parts_Coil-01: coil and coil clip used in SHUNT100 (no housing; solder your wire to clip). NOW includes HD 1/4 inch solder lug for mounting (rev.1).
    • Heavy-Duty Solder Lugs:
      • Parts_HD Lugs-1/4, 3/8: five (5) pairs of HD solder lugs, ones used in several of our products, for #16-12 wire. The 1/4" lugs are for the ground bolts on most of our products. The 3/8" lugs fit all HF antennas with the standard 3/8x24 base bolt.
      • Parts_HD Lugs-1/2 five (5) 1/2" insulated solder lugs (fits Hi Q Antennas "ruggedized" models and any 1/2" antenna base bolt).
    • Antenna Insulation:
      • Parts_Insul-01EDPM insulation kit used on UHAM mounts to insulate antennas from the upper support V-clamp, includes 5 tie strips - for any antenna up to 2" O.D. - insulation is weather/water resistant & long lasting (ours has lasted over 3 yr. so far). We use this in place of Delron as EDPM is softer and provides a better "grip" on our V-clamps and is weather, water and sunlight resistant.
    • SO239 Hardware:
      • Parts_SO239-HD Nutsfive (5) high quality "no rust" HD nuts for SO239 barrel connectors, Ni plated brass, NICELY MACHINED - replace your thin or rusted "HD" nuts on SO239 barrel connectors.
    • 3/8x24 Hardware:
      • Longer Antenna Base Bolt_3/8x24x 2.0" one (1) 3/8x24 SS hex bolt, 2.0" long, for mounting Hi Q's "standard" antennas on our thicker 3/4" mounts (UHAMs , BKT mounts).
      • Parts_3/8x24 Nuts: five (5) 3/8x24 SS nuts.
      • AMB-Gnd-Hdwr: four (4) sets of 3/8x24 SS bolts/lock washers & HD 3/8" solder lugs, for connecting a wire counterpoise to our counterpoise couplers, for # 16-12 wire .

    For product details, photos and to order, click > PARTS .

    Suggestions for Additional Information on our Products

    FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, you may find the following of interest about our products. Check them out, you will see the high quality and attention to detail we apply to all of our products!

    PRODUCT  FLYER  &  PRODUCT GUIDE.  These list all of our current products and provide a quick view of all of our products. The Flyer shows a quick summary with snapshot images of all our products. The Product Guide shows which products are used for MOBILE or FIXED BASE/PORTABLE, and which fit VARIOUS TYPES OF ANTENNAS: from small to large HF/V/UHF mobile antennas....and even BuddipoleTM antennas, the Shakespeare 4245 military spring base and WiFi panel type antennas! These are updated quite often, so check them out once in a while to see what we've added to our product lines!

    PHOTO GALLERY  lots of photos about our products and customer installations, and even of our shop.

    PRODUCT MANUALS  come with our products and available FREE for viewing or printing in PDF format! As you can see, we REALLY pay attention to details and product performance! Look at them for installation ideas, even if you don't purchase our products, as they include some useful information that may apply to your specific installation needs.

    WARRANTY comes with all of our products - includes "return for any reason" and manufacturing defects.

    QUANTITY DISCOUNTS  offered for orders of three (3) or more items ("mix and match") for worldwide customers - simply contact us by EMAIL  or fill out our QUOTE REQUEST FORM .

    SHIPPING  information is described on this page. Our normal domestic and international shipping is by USPS Priority Mail, and where available, insured. We can also ship just about any way you want, including over night, at additiona cost.

    WHAT'S NEW  about our products and what has changed on our web site. Check this out often to see what has been changed, new products added, etc. It also includes links to new product pages.

    Not really sure what you need or which accessories might be best for you?

    • We've tried to provide a lot of information and honest descriptions about our products, but sometimes this can be rather time consuming to review.
    • If you'd like us to help you determine what may work best for you, you can fill out our PRODUCT SELECTION ASSIST  form for a FAST & FRIENDLY reply.
    • If you don't like filling out forms, simply CONTACT US.
    • By the way, if we believe that our products will not work for you, WE WILL TELL YOU HONESTLY! We can even suggest who may be able to meet your needs. TRULY EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE is our business philosophy!

    If you ever have any questions or cannot find something, please CONTACT US  for a fast and friendly reply. We REALLY DO provide the best customer focused service!

    Thanks for looking!

    (2) What We Offer Our Customers

    Honesty, integrity, customer service, unique products no one else makes!  REP Design provides Really Excellent Products!

    We offer unique products that are very customizable to meet your specific mobile, portable, fixed base and EMCOMM antenna mounting needs. Our customer service is second to none, and we are happy to assist you so that you end up with the best products for your needs - we will tell you when our products are not the right ones for you!

    You may be wondering whether you should spend your hard earned money on a small company like ours, on products that are unique and that you may not have seen before. Please rest assured you can buy from us with confidence, and expect top notch customer service. How can you tell if this is true? Check out the level of detail we put into our web site and products - our very detailed product installation manuals, our detailed web site descriptions with photos and videos, and feedback/photos from our customers (PHOTO GALLERY, Customer Photo section).

    Because our products are so customizable with a number of available options, our web site is quite detailed so that you know what works with each of our products and know what you are getting! If you are ever confused or uncertain about what you might need, simply CONTACT US (Email or Phone)  or fill out our  PRODUCT SELECTION ASSIST FORM for a speedy reply - simply tell us what type of antenna(s) you have and where you would like to mount them. One example of our customizable products features is our now seven antenna bases which fit all of our compatible mounts - this takes a bit of design consideration but is one of our business strategies on how to truly make unique products! We also offer a variety of finishes, from hand buffed aluminum to five powder coat finishes.

    Our products are fully blueprinted and manufactured with specific quality control procedures including the use of drilling templates, whether made by us or by local machine and welding shops. This also allows us to provide replacement parts, something that cannot be done with products mass produced in China or by manufacturers whose designs change "every other day".

    Our products are made in single or small runs by us or local shops - these shops also supply the local aerospace industry so they are well qualified. The few items we do not make, such as connectors and antenna bases, are selected because they are the most heavy duty we can find and are of very good quality. We add custom hardware to our antenna bases so they will fit interchangeably into the 3/4 inch diameter holes in our mounts and brackets - no one else provides this feature. We do not skimp on quality just to sell the "most inexpensive parts possible" - such products are usually not of very high quality - "WYSIWYG" what you see is what you get. We have even submitted a few items to our "salt bath test" to determine if they will rust. As a result of this test, we dropped our supplier of our original SO239 nuts as the "overseas" plating was very poor and the nuts rusted - not so with our nicely machined heavy duty nuts that are the only ones we now provide with our products and now sell individually - these are not found at hamfests!

    We stock some of our products and others are made to order, since it is not possible for a small business to stock every product in all 6 of our product finishes! However, our suppliers provide fast service and as a result in most cases we can ship in 1-2 weeks for products made specifically to blueprints for your order. This includes new or custom products made just for you!

    We ship worldwide by Priority Mail via the USPS. This is quick and reliable - in four years we have not had a single package lost to any part of the planet - so far! Shipping times are 2-4 days for the United States, and 1-2 weeks for most international shipping, even to Australia, Asia and Europe. We provide specific shipping prices for all products, so you know up front what shipping will be. Shipping prices are based on shipping one or two items and include the fees that PayPal charges us, in addition to full insurance if available to the country it is shipping to. We are able to provide a shipping discount for orders of three or more items, and you can submit a QUOTE REQUEST or we voluntarily refund the shipping discount after you place the order, as we have done many times for our customers to their "pleasant surprise".

    For any questions, email or phone Dick, N7EMW: CONTACT US.  Thanks for looking.

     (3)  OUR SERVICES

    The following is a summary of our other services, provided at very reasonable prices. Since Dick is "semi retired", he can offer high-quality services at a price that others can not compete with. In addition, we run our business very efficiently and with low overhead costs.

    Technical and product manual preparation for small business and organizations:

    • Product manual writing - do you have the products but need someone to prepare your instructions or manuals? We can help you!
    • Standard procedures preparation - 18 years employment with Fortune 50 corporation - included writing of procedures and quality assurance documents for contractors and company factories world wide. Managed a laboratory data quality assurance program.
    • Examples of our work: click > PRODUCT MANUALS .

    Power Point presentations for small business and organizations:

    • Do you need to prepare a presentation for your business or organization? We have decades of experience with Power Point presentations - Fortune 50 former empoyer and as an adjunct professor at a community college. Prepared public presentation for a local land trust group. Presented to large amateur radio club - "CQ DX: A practical guide to mobile HF installations (2010)".
    • Examples of our work: our labled photos on this web site and the photo gallery are labeled in Power Point.

    2017 is my 10th year in business!

    Photo of Dick, N7EMW, founder and designer, with our new VersaBase and his BuddipoleTM travel antenna system.

    Thank you for viewing our web site, we appreciate your interest and business. Many thanks to our many customers worldwide who have made our business a success since 2007 - THANK YOU! We provide EXCELLENT customer service that is second to none! You can phone or email us - if we're in the office any time of the day or evening we will answer your questions and needs. If you submit a quote request , we respond promptly. We treat our customers the same way we want to be treated by the companies we do business with!

    Our products are designed and built by Dick Post, N7EMW, for amateur radio operators as well as CB and commercial mobile and portable radio operators, worldwide, who is looking for unique well made products. We have sales across North America, Australia, Asia, Europe and New Zealand – not quite “worked all continents” yet but we're trying!

    We only make and sell products that Dick would use, and in fact he has used many of them on his personal mobile and portable antenna setups. Yes, Dick is a bit of a perfectionist! If he would not use something you will not find it on our web site! Our company was founded when he designed our initial product in 2007, the UHAM-100, because he was not satisfied with any of the available antenna mounts for his large HF antenna –  years later the “UHAMs” are still working great.

    All products we design are "blue printed", which means that parts are interchangeable between production runs and you get what you see on our web site. This also allows us to sell replacement parts for our products if they are ever needed. Our products are made to high quality standards: we follow written manufacturing specifications and all parts are produced and quality checked with templates and blueprints. You can see a sampling of our templates in the shop photos that are on our PHOTO GALLERY, under “Company Photos”. We require our suppliers to have the same high quality standards – we reject parts that do not meet our written work order specifications. All products include a "return for any reason" limited warranty .

    Our products are designed and assembled in the USA. Parts are manufactured by us or other shops in the local area.

    Our company philosophy is to build unique and attractive products, even if the market is limited, that serve the amateur and mobile/portable radio community world-wide. We are always looking for product ideas that are not currently being provided by other companies - LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE IDEAS! Our goal is to remain a small “fun” business and as such do not have to sell a "thousand products" to stay in business.

    The founder and owner of REP Design LLC, Dick Post (N7EMW), has worked as a geologist in the petroleum and environmental industries for 30 years and has been “building things that work well” for over 40 years. He retired from a Fortune 50 manufacturing company based in Connecticut and began REP Design LLC in 2007 to provide unique antenna mounts and related products. He obtained his Novice license in the 1970's in his home state of Minnesota and his General license in the early 1980's while living in Wyoming (source of his current call!). His primary radio interests are HF mobile and QRP portable, in addition to the 6m to V/UHF bands. He's installed antennas on a number of cars, bikes, canoes, backpacks and various portable antenna systems. If you can put an antenna on something he'd like to try it! Dick has also been an adjunct professor, teaching environmental science and natural disaster courses, and a first responder for contamination remediation. He has served / currently serves on two of his town's commissions (Charter Revision and Conservation Commission) and is involved with a local land conservation group.

    For additional information, questions or suggestions please contact Dick Post, by phone (1-203-880-4562) or email (N7EMW@cox.net)

    73 and Happy DX!

    Dick Post, N7EMW

    Trumbull, CT, USA

    Please report any problems or errors with this web site, by clicking > CONTACT . Thank you for reporting any problems!

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